Sandusky trial date set; ex-Penn State coach wants to see grandkids (Video)

Jerry Sandusky, the ex-Penn State football coach accused of sexual abuse, must wait for a judge to rule on looser bail restrictions that would allow him to see his grandchildren.

However, a trial in the case that involves 10 boys over a 15-year span is tentatively set for May 15.

The defense team asked Judge John Cleland to allow Sandusky to see the children and meet with his lawyers. After posting a $250,000 bond, the 68-year-old Sandusky is under house arrest.

“Our home has been open for 27 years to all kinds of people — hundreds of people who have stayed there, more than that who have visited there,” Sandusky told reporters after the hearing, according to the LA Times. “I’ve associated with thousands of young people over years, and now all of a sudden, because of allegations and perceptions that have tried to be created of me, I can’t take my dog on our deck and throw out biscuits to him.”

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The prosecution protested the request, and asked the judge to keep Sandusky inside his home and keep restrictions on seeing his grandchildren in place.

“This home was not safe for children for 15 years, and it's not safe for children now,” state prosecutor Jonelle Eshbach told the judge, according to The Associated Press.

Court also heard testimony from state investigator Anthony Sassano, who said neighbors complain Sandusky sits in his backyard and watches children in a nearby schoolyard. There are also complaints schoolchildren can see Sandusky from their classrooms, the AP said.

One man even videotaped Sandusky’s activities, which include playing with his dog.

The judge must also decide if the trial should include a jury from out of state, the Washington Post reported.

Cleland asked Sandusky if he thought jury members from Centre County could be fair given the close relationship residents there have to Penn State and its football program.

“I don’t believe that would matter, relative to any place (else) in this state,” Sandusky said.

Sandusky faces 52 charges he sexually abused and raped boys during his tenure as an assistant coach at Penn State.

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