Rush Limbaugh: battle over bronze bust at Missouri Capitol


State legislators in Missouri are in a pitched battle over whether to unveil a bronze statue of Rush Limbaugh in the state Capitol, according to The Missouri News Horizon.

Minority Democrats in the state’s House of Representatives today wrote to the Missouri Office of Administration asking that it refuse to permit placement of a bust of Limbaugh, the newspaper reported.

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Limbaugh is embroiled in controversy – with over 40 advertisers having dropped his show, which has also been canceled by at least once local radio station and broadly denounced by prominent nantional figures– after repeatedly assailing a law student last week who testified in favor health coverage for contraception.

Gingrich has since apologized for calling Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute.” Comedian Bill Maher, himself once the target of a boycott campaign, said Tuesday that the public should accept Limbaugh’s apologies, according to CBS News.

Mike Talboy and Tishaura Jones, the minority leader and deputy leader in the Missouri House wrote in their letter today that the House Speaker Steven Tilley does not have the express legal authority to place busts of whomever he wants in the Hall of Famous Missourians, according to the News Horizon.

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Others in the Hall include Mark Twain, Harry S Truman, Walter Cronkite, Walt Disney, the newspaper said.

"Given his controversial history and misogynistic attitudes, placing a bust of Mr Limbaugh in the Missouri Capitol would not bring honor to the state," the letter said.

Tilley told the paper that, while Limbaugh might have been the subject of controversy, he was nevertheless a famous Missourian.

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