Ross Dunkley Documentary: the last foreign publisher in Burma?

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How maddening is it to publish a newspaper under Burma's intensely repressive media climate?

And does submitting to an oppressive government's censorship mean a publisher is "in bed" with tyrants?

According to Myanmar Times boss Ross Dunkley, the subject of a new documentary "Dancing with Dictators," the answers are a) extremely and b) no.

"The fact is," Dunkley said, "I'm not in bed with anyone. Not even my wife. The truth is — who am I in bed with? — I'm in bed with the concept of engagement. Anyone who's screaming from the sidelines is just a shriek going off into the wilderness."

Speaking of beds, Dunkley was imprisoned last year — and later released — on charges related to immigration offenses and assaulting a sex worker. But any charges against him, he warns in this trailer, could arise from Burmese officials wishing to nudge him out of the business. He still manages to supervise the paper from Cambodia, where he runs the Phnom Penh Post.

For good measure, here's Global Post's own Hanna Ingber Win on her tenure at the Myanmar Times and daytime drinking with Dunkley.

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