Ron Paul gains on Mitt Romney in Maine’s caucuses but is still losing


Things got a little better in Maine today for Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul but not enough to overturn the results of the primary caucuses held in the state last week, according to The Associated Press.

Preliminary results announced Feb 11 that declared former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney the apparent winner were immediately called into question as both incomplete and too close to call. The Bangor Daily News reported Tuesday that state’s Republican party was under pressure to rescind the declaration pending a complete count.

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The margin of victory for Romney in Maine was initially given at fewer than 200 votes, perilously close. Washington County, the eastern-most in the United States, had not voted that day due to a threatening snow storm.

Ron Paul won the county’s caucus today, giving Paul an additional 83 votes but still leaving him 153 votes short of Romney’s tally statewaide, according to the AP.

Never before in the history of US presidential elections had a state reversed the results of its primary votes. Results in Iowa were reversed last month, making Santorum the winner and causing the resignation of the state’s party chairman. A similar outcome in Maine would have thrown fresh doubt on the Romney campaign.

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A final winner will be declared on March 10, when ten other states will hold primary votes on what is dubbed Super Tuesday, according to The New York Times.

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