Romney sweeps competition — in Guam, Marianas

Mitt Romney swept the competition today — in Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands.

It’s not exactly Mississippi and Alabama, but Romney added a pleasant 18 delegates to his ledger in the race for the Republican presidential nomination today.

“The people of Guam have always stood bravely for America and the values we hold dear,” Romney said in a statement, AFP reported. “I am honored to have won the Guam caucuses, an important milestone in my quest to restore America to the principles and practices that made us great.”

Two states and three territories hold nomination contests today. Kansas is the big draw with 40 delegates at stake. Wyoming is also holding its vote while Guam, the Marianas and the US Virgin Islands also distribute delegates.

Romney’s son, Matt, campaigned for his father in Guam, where all 251 delegates from 19 villages supported the former Massachusetts governor.

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He fared almost as well in the Marianas, taking 740 of the 848 votes cast.

“I was so pleased to talk with Mitt Romney yesterday, and it was clear from that conversation he will not forgot us here in the (Northern Mariana Islands),” Gov. Benigno Fitial told CNN. “I encourage the hundreds of thousands of Pacific Islanders living in the Continental U.S. to follow our lead and please support Governor Mitt Romney in the coming months.”

The Marianas is a collection of 15 islands between Hawaii and the Philippines. Almost 54,000 people live there, most on the largest island of Saipan. It’s one of 2 US commonwealths along with Puerto Rico.

Guam is well known for being the site of fierce fighting during the Second World War. It’s the largest island in Micronesia of almost 200,000 people.
Citizens there can’t vote for president, but they can vote for candidates.

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