Prominent hacker turns on Anonymous, worked as informant


One of the de facto heads of the anti-sec hacking community, Sabu, has been secretly working against hacker collectives like Anonymous alongside the US government, according to a statement issued by the FBI and a report by Fox News.

Hector Xavier, better known by his hacker handle Sabu, worked in conjunction with the FBI towards three arrests and two charges of conspiracy against other members of LulzSec, a small group of hackers that wreaked havoc on the internet last summer with huge hacks against the FBI and the CIA.

“This is devastating to the organization,” said an FBI official involved with the investigation. “We’re chopping off the head of LulzSec,” failing to report that LulzSec has been relatively inactive since July of 2011.

The Fox News report, and subsequent comments on the revelations, incorrectly frame Sabu as the “head” of the hacker collective Anonymous. Anonymous, by definition, is an amorphous, leaderless organization that encourages likeminded individuals to operate as a unit in support of causes that are popular among circles close to Anonymous. These causes include file sharing, freedom of information and the liberation of Palestine, among many others. 

Twitter account YourAnonNews stated as such, wondering why news organizations were putting forth Sabu as a leader of the headless collective. 

“Don't you get it by now? #Anonymous is an idea. #Anonymous is a movement. It will keep growing, adapting and evolving, no matter what,” read the tweet.

Members of Anonymous and other hacking collectives have long suspected Sabu of being a snitch. Sam Biddle at published a chat log last year where he spoke to a Sabu-detractor by the name of Virus, claiming the LulzSec hackers was an informant. 

6:12:32 PM virus: I don't have proof of him being a snitch, and he doesn't have proof of me being a snitch. it's my word against his.
6:15:39 PM virus: he disappeared for a week, I don't recall what day
6:15:52 PM virus: but when he returned he said his grand mother died and that's why he was MIA
6:16:01 PM virus: after that he started offering me money to own people
6:16:14 PM Sam Biddle: anyone important?
6:16:55 PM virus: backtrace security and laurelai
6:17:22 PM virus: he gave me IPs, asked me to access their accounts with their IP and asked me to access their emails
6:17:25 PM virus: told me he would pay me
6:17:42 PM Sam Biddle: did you?
6:17:53 PM virus: no, I found that to be suspicious and declined

6:19:19 PM virus: another reason why I believe he was converted after he disappeared and returned is everybody else started getting arrested one by one starting with ryan clearly, who was their ddos bitch
6:19:29 PM virus: yes, I believe he cut a deal to save himself

Other Anons were quick to reply to the revelations of Sabu working as an informant, asserting that the number of hackers arrested still has yet to put a dent in the global force behind Anonymous.

“Worldwide Estimated Number Of Anons = 35,000 | Arrested = 125 | Convictions = 0 | Not exactly winning are they? #Anonymous,” read a statement retweeted by YourAnonNews.

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