Police evicting Occupy London outside St. Paul’s Cathedral

Police began dismantling Occupy London's campsite outside St. Paul's Cathedral late Monday night, removing one of the longest-surviving encampments in the global Occupy movement, the Associated Press reported.

Protesters from the anti-capitalist group have been camping at St Paul's Cathedral since October 15.

Bailiffs have removed tents and other equipment from the site. There were no reports of injuries or arrests, according to the BBC.

Last week, Occupy London lost the right to appeal against a High Court decision that paved the way for their eviction. The City of London Corporation said it "regretted" that had to evict the protesters.

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Demonstrators said vans of police arrived at the Occupy site before midnight, the AP reported.

George Barda, one of the five protesters who appealed against the High Court's decision, told the BBC he had "mixed emotions" but that "it's not the beginning of the end, it's the end of the beginning."

"I have no doubt that as the economic situation gets worse in the coming years, more and more people will be joining this movement," he said.

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One of the organizers of Occupy London, Spyro Vanleemnen told CNN "there have been discussions already about the future of the movement" adding plans were underway for worldwide Occupy protests in May.

In the last few months, police have forcibly cleared protesters from Occupy camps in New York, Washington DC,  Oakland and Atlanta.

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