Pelosi playing possum, Newt Gingrich says

Newt Gingrich called Nancy Pelosi’s bluff today, saying that if she knows something that will derail his presidential campaign, she should just say it, Associated Press reported.

Pelosi, the House Democratic Leader, made veiled threats Tuesday on CNN that she knows “something” about Gingrich.

“There’s something I know,” Pelosi told CNN’s John King. “The Republicans, if they choose to nominate him, that's the prerogative. I don't even think that's going to happen.”

Pelosi’s representatives didn’t elaborate, either; Drew Hammill simply reaffirmed Pelosi’s statements.

“The ‘something’ leader Pelosi knows is that Newt Gingrich will not be president of the United States. She made that clear last night.”

Pelosi sat on a committee that fined Gingrich $300,000 in 1997 for ethics violations. It’s that information, all of it on public record, Pelosi was speaking about, Hammill told the AP.

“Leader Pelosi previously made a reference to the extensive amount of information that is in the public record, including the comprehensive committee report with which the public may not be fully aware," Hammill said.

Gingrich wants to hear it for himself, he told Fox News today. He challenged Pelosi to bring her allegations into the public forum.

“I think if she knows something, she ought to say it, and if she doesn’t know something, she ought to quit saying it,” said Gingrich, who polls show leading the Republican nomination race. “But this is baloney.”

The former Speaker made the media rounds today, also telling NBC’s Ann Curry he wasn’t scared by the comments. He went as far as suggesting San Francisco’s reputation for harbouring alternative viewpoints and lifestyle is influencing Pelosi, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“She lives in a San Francisco environment of very strange fantasies and very strange understandings of reality. I have no idea what’s in Nancy Pelosi’s head. If she knows something, I have a simple challenge: Spit it out, tell us what it is. I have no idea what she’s talking about.”

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