Obama starts year off right, raises $29M in January

President Obama started the year off right, raising $29.1 million in January, his campaign said on Twitter.

A follow-up tweet said 98 percent of donations were $250 or less.

His re-election bid – and the Democratic National Committee– should continue that pace this month with the president’s California fundraising trip expected to raise $8 million alone, the Associated Press said.

“And that’s not going to be easy because, first of all, I’m older and I’m grayer,” he said Thursday during a fundraiser in San Francisco. “So it’s not as new, it’s not as trendy to be part of the Obama campaign – although some of you still have your posters, I’m sure.”

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Political opponents chided the president for combining fundraising efforts with taxpayer-funded official visits.

The president also visited factories in Milwaukee and Washington, and attended a fundraiser hosted by actor Will Ferrell.

“Campaign in Hollywood with the rich and famous who will open their pocketbooks for his campaign coffers,” Kirsten Kukowski, a Republican National Committee spokeswoman, told The New York Times.

“We do it absolutely by the book and in the same manner that President Bush did and President Clinton did,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said, according to The Times.

Critics also suggested Obama was hypocritical for encouraging super PAC donations. In response, the Democrats said it’s a necessary step to answer Republican candidates’ widely using super PACs.

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In more good news for the governing party, CNN reports today that campaign donations for Democrats in the House of Representatives outpaced those for the Republican majority in the most successful fundraising January ever for either party in the House. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said it raised $6.02 million last month, $1.4 million more than was raised for House Republicans, according to CNN.

Nether party reported having any debts while the Republicans reported having $17.6 million on hand to the Democrats' $13.05 million.

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