Megaupload: new indictment brings fresh charges against Kim Dotcom et al


New York – A grand jury in Washington has added more charges against the file sharing website Megaupload, charging its founder Kim Dotcom and six others with eight additional counts of wire fraud and copyright infringement, according to the news agency Reuters.

Dotcom, an alias for Kim Schmitz, and three others were arrested Jan 20 in New Zealand after they were indicted for the first time in the US that month on conspiracy and copyright infringement charges. Suspects are awaiting extradition proceedings in the Netherlands and New Zealand, according to Reuters.

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Reuters said a lawyer for the suspects was not immediately available but that the defendants have been charged with making millions from the trade in television shows, movies and music.

The new indictment (PDF), according to Reuters, put the number of the site’s registered users at 66.6 million as of last month, almost all of whom used the site solely to download copyrighted material.

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According to The Washington Post, the indictment says a user identified as “VV” uploaded almost 17,000 files which were viewed more than 34 million times, including copies of movies such as Ocean’s Thirteen, Ratatouille and Evan Almighty.

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