Gingrich to chase Romney to Georgia as support wanes at home


Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich will return to his home state of Georgia next week, his campaign announced today, according to CNN.

The announcement was made the same day that front-runner Mitt Romney was campaigning in the state, which is to hold its GOP primary on March 6, known as Super Tuesday, when nine other states will also hold their primary elections.

The sometime front-runner, Gingrich was stung on Jan. 31 when he was handily defeated by Mitt Romney in Florida’s primary. In the three primaries held yesterday, he also fared poorly, failing even to appear on the ballot in Missouri and leaving the future of his candidacy in again in doubt.

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According to polling results released Feb. 3, Gingrich holds a 13-point lead over Romney among adults in Georgia, 45 percent of whom say they will back for the former Speaker of the House of Representatives.

However the SurveyUSA poll’s results were substantially weaker for Gingrich than a similar poll conducted by the agency in December, which found that Gingrich’s support was at 65 percent.

According to CNN, Gingrich delivered a speech in Cleveland today, making no mention of the GOP race but instead making a statement of principles.

"Part of our purpose in running is economic, to get us back on the right track. Part of our purpose in running is culture to protect the rights of Americans to worship freely without being dictated to by their government, and part our purpose in running is national security," Gingrich was quoted as saying. "We live in a dangerous world."

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Accordng to The New York Times, yesterday’s sweep of primaries in Missouri, Colorado and Minnesota was an indication that, while Romney remains the presumptive Republican nominee, many voters still do not like him.


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