Donald Trump is ‘open’ to seat in Mitt Romney’s cabinet (VIDEO)

Donald Trump, infamous businessman and host of “The Apprentice,” said on Wednesday he would be willing to discuss a future position in the cabinet of Mitt Romney if he’s elected, CNN reported.

“It's certainly not something I'm looking for,” Trump said while on CNN. “It's very early to worry about it. I think number one, he has to get the nomination; number two, he has to get elected. After that, I would certainly be open if I could do anything to help him or the country.”

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Trump has remained active in the Republican party and considered running for the presidential seat himself. He has also said if Romney, who he endorsed for president last month, fell short of the GOP nomination he would consider running as an independent himself, The Hill reported.

He has yet to discuss the cabinet seat with Romney and is still unsure what his duties would be.

“I don’t know maybe a position where I negotiate against some of these countries. Because they are really taking our lunch,” he said on CNN.

During the interview Trump also sounded off on Rick Santorum, who just swept the primaries in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota.

“Rick Santorum was a sitting senator who in re-election lost by 19 points, to my knowledge the most in the history of this country for a sitting senator to lose by 19 points. It’s unheard of. Then he goes out and says oh ‘okay’ I just lost by the biggest margin in history and now I’m going to run for president. Tell me, how does that work? … That’s like me saying I just failed a test. Now I’m going to apply for admission to the Wharton School of Finance. Okay? He just failed a test…. And now he’s going to run for president. So, I don’t get Rick Santorum. I don’t get that whole thing,” Trump said on CNN.

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