Charles Taylor, former Liberian president, not a CIA agent after all (VIDEO)

NAIROBI, Kenya — The Boston Globe has all but retracted its recent story alleging that former Liberian President Charles Taylor had worked for the CIA.

Taylor's lawyer Courteney Griffiths had responded angrily — and threatened legal action — on behalf of his client who denies the allegation.

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This week the Globe published a correction saying it "drew unsupported conclusions and significantly overstepped available evidence when it described former Liberia President Charles Taylor as having worked with US spy agencies as a 'sought-after source.'"

Before getting too carried away it's important to remember that Taylor may not have been a spook, but he still stands accused of some heinous war crimes committed in Sierra Leone. The trial in The Hague continues.

A video of Charles Taylor on trial at the Hague:

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