Alannah Shevenell, who had 6 organ transplants, back home in Maine


Alannah Shevenell, a 9-year-old girl from Maine who received six new organs in a groundbreaking operation has returned home.

Shevenell underwent 14 hours of surgery on Oct. 29 at Children’s Hospital Boston to replace her stomach, pancreas, spleen, liver, small bowel and one-third of her esophagus, according to the Portland Herald.

A tumor had been strangling the organs and threatening her life.

The paper cited hospital officials as saying it was the first known esophageal transplant in the world and the largest number of organs transplanted into a person at one time in New England.

The Associated Press quoted Shevenell as saying Thursday that she was glad to be feeling well again and "able to go sledding, make a snowman, work on her scrapbooks and give her grandmother a little good-humored sass."

Doctors discovered and twice tried to remove the tumor — a rare form of sarcoma — in Shevenell's belly in 2008, when she was just 5. She also received chemotherapy.

As the tumor spread from organ to organ, however, Shevenell reportedly lost weight and suffered pain while her belly swelled.

She spent more than a year on a waiting list for the organs, the AP quoted Dr. Heung Bae Kim, lead surgeon on the procedure at Children's Hospital Boston, as saying.

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