After Marie Colvin death, Syria asks foreign journalists to report to government: Reuters

Syria's information ministry announced today that foreign journalists illegally in the country should report to the government, Reuters reported. The announcement came only hours after two foreign journalists, Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik, were killed in the Homs neighborhood of Baba Amr.  

According to a statement from the ministry on Syria TV, the ministry asked all foreign journalists who were in Syria illegally to go to the nearest center for immigration and passports to resolve the situation.

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Though activists accused the government of intentionally firing on the building in which Colvin and Ochlik were residing along with at least four other journalists, the information ministry has denied the accusations. According to reports, at least two other journalists in the building were injured in the attack.  

"The ministry had no knowledge of the entrance of the American journalist Marie Colvin or the French photographer Remi Ochlik, or other foreign journalists to Syrian territory," the ministry said, Reuters reported.

Many international reporters have resorted to crossing into the country illegally in order to cover the bloodshed, abandoning normal procedures and safeguards that in theory would guarantee them protection as members of the press. Last week, New York Times reporter, Anthony Shadid died after a fatal asthma attack in Syria while on assignment.  

According to Fox News, the Syrian military has intensified its attacks on Homs in the last few days, in an attempt to retake the rebel-held neighborhoods that have become powerful symbols of resistance to Assad's rule. Homs is the epicenter of the uprising. 

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