Sam Adams, Host of “Conspiracy Thrillers Movie Club”

Studio 360

In this era of "alternative facts," Slate senior editor Sam Adams feels like "paranoia has become the new normal." So what better time to watch some classic conspiracy thrillers! In his new podcast, "Conspiracy Thrillers Movie Club," Adams takes a deep dive into this genre and asks what these films reflect about the American psyche. How do they resonate today? Is the truth really out there? And how deep does this conspiracy go? Adams and Kurt discuss America's fascination with conspiracies and share some of their favorite conspiracy thriller movies.

If you couldn't tell already, Adams is a big movie geek, and his movie list was much longer than we had time to discuss in the interview. Here'shis full line-up:

You can hear the first episode of Sam's podcast for free at Slate, but will have to sign up for Slate Plus to hear the rest.

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