Belizeans celebrate Simone Biles' victory at the Rio Games

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Simone Biles of USA celebrates winning gold in the women's individual all-around final.

As Simone Biles was completing her routine at the women's individual all-around final in Rio this week, a group of her relatives in Belize City were glued to the TV.

Jére Longman, a reporter for the New York Times, was there with them.

"The family gathered at a hotel bar yesterday afternoon along with the first lady of Belize and 11 contestants in the upcoming Ms. Belize pageant, all wearing their sachets," Longman said Friday.

Biles is a dual citizen of the United States and Belize. Surprising few, she managed to secure the gold medal — her first-ever Olympic gold. The US women's team also won gold for their all-around gymnastics score.

Longman says Biles' success is very much welcomed in Belize.

"There were people who were ecstatic and cheering and every time she appeared on the screen there [was] a lot of cheering," he said.

Read Longman's full report.

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