Five Things You Had to See Online This Week

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This week in "Thanks, Internet" --- a Prince goldmine, a slow Trump, andthe most dapper bunnywin the internet this week.

1.Where Is Meow Mind?

All those YouTube videos of animals making weird noises have finally put to good use.

2. The Once and Future Prince

There's little to be said about Prince that hasn't already been said. In the week since hedied, there have been a tremendousamountof tributesand remembrancesfor the visionary artist. And while the shock still hasn't worn off, we are seeking comfort in the amazing amount of Princethat has resurfacedon the internet. Seriously, pull up a browser window and go deep.

3. Now If Only They'd Turn Down the Volume

True, if you slow Donald Trump down 50% it does mean you have to listen to him twice as long. ButTrump asa drunk, belligerent grandpa explains a lot. Now, someone please cut him off, he's had enough.

4.The Most Dapper Bunny

* SHERLOCK BUNNY ( * . * ) * * #sherlockholmes #sherlockbunny

A photo posted by mumitan (@mumitan) on

In a week that saw Trump sweep another round of primaries, and the revelation of Beyonc's maritaldiscord, this bunny posing in custom-crafted clothes, looking as dapper as any being ever has, soothes my soul.

* * * #tongueout #tongueouttuesday

A photo posted by mumitan (@mumitan) on

* Spring has come * # * *

A photo posted by mumitan (@mumitan) on

5. The Most Helpful Dog

Everyone needs a helper like Finley.

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