Street Art Gets Truckin'

Studio 360

Art in Spain got a sweet new set of wheels thanks to the Truck Art Project.

In this collaboration between a transport companyand the local art community, street art takes theform of stunning mobile murals on --- you guessed it --- trucks.

Freight truck street art by artist Suso33

The project works with popular urban artists like Javier Arce, Suso33, and Marina Vargas to take their works off the wall and put them in motion.

While the initial launch of the project features ten painted trucks now unleashed on Spanish highways, the project plans to swell to a fleet of 100 movablemasterpieces. And though someof the trucks ride their usual commercial routes, others function as mobile pop up galleries, quite literally taking the (art) show on the road.

This freight truck was painted by artist Okuda San Miguel for the Truck Art Project

The goal of the project is to make contemporary artwork accessible to all, even if it's just a surprise sighting at a stoplight --- so those in Spain who aren't frequent gallery go-ers can still glimpse this art on the go.

Artist Daniel Muoz created this mobile street art
Artist Marina Vargas turned this freight truck into mobile street art
A freight truck painted by Abraham Lacalle
Artist Javier Arce painted this freight truck for the Truck Art Project
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