Some Inspiration for Turning Your Taxes Into Art

Studio 360

Paperwork doesn't have to be mind-numbing. It can be mind-blowingly beautiful. For our De-File Your Taxeslistener challenge we want you to turn your 1040 forminto something a little less taxing ---an original work of art. Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal will select the winner of our contest on Tax Day. But be warned: our April 3rd deadline is coming up faster than you'll cash your return, and we still want your submissions.

Unsure of how paper can be art outside of a coloring book?

You could swirl your 1040 into delicate twists like Ann Martin did in her entry, turning her tax form into a bluebird necklace:

Ann Martin's 'Bluebird of Happiness' pendant is made from a cut-up IRS form 1040

Looking for inspiration beyond the De-File Your Taxes entries we've received so far, you could follow the example of Yulia Brodskaya, whose amazing 3-D artwork is made entirely of paper and glue:

Yulia Brodskaya uses paper and glue to make intricate 3-D artwork

Cut and paste it into sophisticated lifelike sculptures like this paper toucan by Diana Beltran Herrera:

The artist Diana Beltran Herrera specializes in cut-paper sculptures like this toucan

Make a papercut landscape like this work from Eiko Ojala:

This paper landscape is the work of Eiko Ojala, an illustrator and graphic designer based in Estonia

Or turn that tax return into an origami Darth Vader:

Now go De-File your Taxes!

Let's face it, Agent Smith probably worked for the IRS