Russia's Putin sees a kindred spirit in Donald Trump

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during the Interior Ministry Board meeting in Moscow, Russia, March 15, 2016.

Sergei Chirikov/Reuters

Vladimir Putin has kind words for US presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

The Russian leader says Trump "is a bright and talented person without any doubt — an outstanding and talented personality." Daily Beast writer Anna Nemtskova, who is based in Moscow, says Putin sees Trump as a good alternative to President Barack Obama.

"The Kremlin politicians, including Putin, blame Obama for all sorts of things, starting from the war in the Ukraine to unleashing the war in Syria, " she says.

Nemtskova says the Russian people see Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton as an enemy of Russia. They are suspicious of her role as the former head of the US State Department and blame Clinton for the Syrian refugee crisis and the economic problems in Europe.

"Too many in the post-Soviet Union, the State Department symbolizes anti-Russia America, and Hillary Clinton is largely seen as somebody who hates Russia," Nemtskova says.

But Trump has made clear he is willing to work with Putin, she says. "He's seen as a hope by anti-American politicians — as someone who might go along with Putin's policies."