Five Things You Had to See Online This Week

Studio 360

This week in "Thanks, Internet" --- Leo's red carpet rampage, Bernie's thoughts, and2001: a musical odysseywin the internet this week.

1.2001: a Musical Odyssey

First contender for song of the summer comes fromJoan Wasser(Joan As Police Woman) and Benjamin Lazar Davis' new duo, 2001. With a video featuring a convertible Bentley and Fred Armisen as a mechanic, let's all just go for a ride and pretend winter never happened.

2.Red Carpet Rampage

'Leonardo DiCaprio's Red Carpet Rampage

Leo really wants that elusiveOscar --- and only YOUcan win it for him.

(Thanks, Sean!)

3.Deep Thoughts with Bernie Sanders

Thisis the only parody Twitter account you need to follow this election.

4. Drone, Doggy, Drone

And then this happened... #magic #genius #real

A video posted by Sasha Dobson (@sashadobson_) on

The world needs more dogs on synths.

5. In aWorld Gone Crazy

Us, too, Jake. Us, too.