The world unites around two things: Trump-bashing and Star Wars

White House press secretary Josh Earnest and Star Wars Stormtroopers wait for Star Wars Robot R2-D2 (L) to enter the briefing room at the White House in Washington, Dec. 18, 2015. 
Kevin Lamarque

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Need to know:

If you didn't catch the Democratic debate last night, don't worry. Here's what you need to know:

The debate was less about finding distinctions between the three debaters — Clinton, Sanders and O'Malley — than it was about taking shots at Trump. Clinton called him "ISIS's best recruiter" and said jihadists are literally using Trump videos on social media to entice new members. (Trump today said she "lied," though Clinton stands by her claims.)

The three did get down to a bit of business, with heated exchanges on the economy, guns, tackling the terrorist threat, and the role of the US abroad. Sanders opposes Clinton's call for a no-fly zone over Syria and her focus on ousting Assad.

Sanders also apologized for the apparent data breach that made waves this month. Clinton accepted his apology and dropped the issue. Pundits say she has bigger fish to fry — like the general election. 

Though there wasn't a clear winner of this debate, Clinton showed she's already looking beyond the primary. Maybe that's why she was fashionably late for the second half of the debate, briefly leaving her lectern unoccupied. Either that or she had to pee.

Want to know:

You probably remember when a Syrian toddler’s tiny body washed up on the Lesbos beach. The image of the boy's body, seared into many people's memory, went viral. It was described as the moment "humanity washed ashore." 

For many lifeguards at Spain's vacation beaches, it was also the moment their job stopped being about chasing tipsy holidaymakers and started being about something much larger.

According to UN estimates, 700,000 migrants have successfully made the trip across the Aegean from Turkey to the Greek island of Lesbos — and 430 people have died trying. 

“It was because of the children dying in the water. ... I couldn’t understand why the children were dying so close to the beach and no one was saving them,” says Oscar Camps, who runs ProActiva lifeguarding company.

For months now the Proactiva team has maintained a constant presence in Lesbos, reports GlobalPost's Laura Dean. 

In Spain, lifeguards are usually kids on summer break from college. In Lesbos, they're heroes.

Strange but true:

Listen up, clergy, this is how you reach your parishioners: get in costume and wield a lightsaber.  

In Berlin, at the Zion Church in the Mitte district, pastors held a "Star Wars" themed service on Sunday. Congregants came in costume and the church organist played "da-da-dadada-daaaa-da" as clips from the earlier films played on a large screen.

But the church service was not just another round of Star Wars fandom. The pastors drew overt parallels between the movie and Christianity, highlighting the film's message of the possibility of salvation after a rejection of the Dark Side.

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" took in a record breaking $120.5 million at the US box office for its opening day on Friday. In terms of opening day sales, the film blew Harry Potter out of the water — and that's not a plot spoiler.

The film even made an appearance at the Democratic debate last night, with Hillary Clinton signing off: "Thank you, good night, and may the force be with you."