Aha Moment: Peanuts in Panama

Studio 360

Victoria de Puy was a teenager when her friend gave her a book of Peanuts comics. She fell in love with the series immediately. Her daughter Geraldine got indoctrinated early: as soon as she was born, Victoria surrounded her with Peanuts memorabilia, lunchboxes, t-shirts, and pajamas. There's some debate between the two as to what Geraldine's first words were --- either "Snoopy" or "agua."

Then the family moved from Panama City to London. Feeling isolated in a new country, Victoria and Geraldine bonded more closely over Peanuts. They saw the friendship between Snoopy and Woodstock as a reflection of their own. Their relationship "transcends that of mother and daughter," Geraldine says. "It really becomes one of companion, and I think Snoopy and Woodstock are those companions to each other."

(Originally aired November 2, 2007)