Five Things You Had to See Online This Week

Studio 360

This week in "Thanks, Internet" --- Sir David Attenborough spots Adele, doom metal Chipmunks, the ultimate GIF dance party, and kids doing Kraftwerk win the internet this week.

1.Chipmunks on (Quarter) Speed

Canadian musicianBrian Borcherdt took Alvin and the Chipmunks and slowed them down to 16 rpm, turning theminto doom metal gods.

2.The Lesser Spotted Adele Is About to Be Everywhere. Again.

You know how the new Adele video opens with that boring extended intro featuring a flip phone and "Hello, can you hear me now?" Well, Sir David Attenborough lent his voice to it and turned it into one of the best things ever.

3. The Internet's Best Dance Party

What if you could take all your favorite loops from all your favorite gifs and throw a dance party for them? The future is now, my friends, and the GIF Dance Partyis here. You choose the scene, you choose the dancers, you choose the music --- and you might want to cancel all your weekend plans, because this internet wormhole goes deep. I suggest starting here.

Thanks, Sean!

4.Terms & Conditions

 The Graphic Novel, Page 44, After Kate Beaton (R. Sikoryak)

Never read the iTunes Terms & Conditions? Me neither... until now. R. Sikoryak has turnedthe complete, unabridged legal agreementinto a graphic novel. Even better, a new page is added every day, paying homage to all your favoriteillustrators and cartoonists.

Thanks, Lynn!

5.Kids do Kraftwerk

Kids + Kraftwerk + Kardboard = Awesome. (That's how Common Core math works now, right?) Hats off to the German elementary school teacher who got his students to cover Kraftwerk's "Die Roboter" in DIY robot costumes.

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