From One Halloweenie to Another

Studio 360

Ever since I watched Signs in 6th grade and didn't sleep for three days, I've sworn off scary movies. Although I'm not haunted by this decision (see what I did there?) I feel a twinge of regret every October. Is there a way that I, too, can celebrate America's favorite pagan holiday?

Well, fellow sensies, fear no more. Ever since "Thriller," music videos have essentially swallowed the horror movie genre --- and produced some of its best examples. Below, I've cataloged tenbite-sized thrills for your delicatepalate.

10.Bat for Lashes -- What's a Girl to Do

Bat for Lashes shows that nothing ismore mournfully creepy than animal masks, glitter sweatshirts, and synchronized biking.

9. Boards of Canada -- Everything You Do is a Balloon

Fun fact: all of this footage was "repurposed" from a 1963 PSA on bike safety.

8. Die Antwoord -- I Fink U Freeky

I'll be honest with you: this is one of the less weird Die Antwoord videos.

7. Tyler the Creator -- Yonkers

An exquisitely disturbing video from Odd Future's head honcho.

6. Stromae -- Quand C'est

So creepy. So French.

5. Yogi and Skrillex -- Burial

Masks continue to prove unsettling. Also, Denis Rodman eating ice cream!

4. De Staat -- Witch Doctor

A simple premise: Dutch hipster commands a horde of CGI musclemen.

3. Cranberries -- Salvation

Does anyone actually enjoy clowns? This is a real question.

2. Rockwell -- Somebody's Watching Me

The '80s at theirbest.

1. Snoop -- Hey Sookie

It's scary. Scary good.