2015 Creative Resolutions: Rediscovering Your First Love

Studio 360

At the end of last year, we asked for your creative resolutions for 2015. We've created aFacebook groupfor all our listeners to track their progress through the year, and we are also following four people on our show, including areggae DJin Ohio, an aspiringdirector and screenwriterin New York, and acalligrapherin Washington State.

Garman Hergistad has a successful career in digital special effects, but his first love was calligraphy --- it was his hand-lettering expertise that landed him his first job in Hollywood. For his 2015 creative resolution, Herigstad is hand-lettering the entire Book of Proverbs. It's a massive undertaking, and he's decided to use the tricks of his digital trade to make sure it comes out right. "With the Proverbs project, I would make so many mistakes and do it over and over again. Technology can fix some of that."

Isn't that cheating? "It's cheating according to my original idea, but as I've been working on it, I think it's practical," Herigstad says. "I think maybe trying to escape from technology made me appreciate it more."

 color. By scanning and adjusting the color with software, it makes it more flexible for finding the emphasis I want.
The misspelled word has become one of my most common hinderances. This and doubling words or just using the wrong word. It can ruin hours of work.
Using computer software can fix a misspelled word easily.