Celebrate WWII's end by eating the ice-cream head of a Japanese war criminal

Tojo on a stick. Yum?

Hideki Tojo, a Japanese war criminal and World War II general, is nothing much to laugh about. He invaded China, signed off on bombing Pearl Harbor, and was so strict he was called "Razor Tojo" by army comrades. After being sentenced to death by a war crimes tribunal, Tojo was hanged in 1948. 

Now, thanks to a Chinese ice-cream maker with an odd sense of humor, you can eat Tojo's head

A Shanghai ice cream chain is, for a limited time only, offering frozen Hideki Tojo ice cream bars to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, which is being marked on Thursday in China with a massive, monkey-patrolled parade. 

The 3D-printed Tojo dessert, while in dubious taste, nevertheless comes in vanilla, blueberry, mocha, mango, and tiramasu flavors, and can be yours at $4.70 a pop.

In case the point was lost on anyone, the ice cream store kicked off their campaign with an ad that proclaimed: "10,000 people together eat the Japanese war criminal"!

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