Extreme satire about Donald Trump actually believable to foreign media

The Star

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — Donald Trump, potential future US president, talks a lot of crazy

So much that it's getting hard to tell his genuine utterances from anti-Trump satire. 

And so you can hardly blame a newspaper from Kenya for seeming to think that a story from a little-known satirical news website, claiming Trump wants to deport all Kenyans, was in fact real.

"Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump intends to deport Kenyans living in America if elected US president," reads the headline in The Star, a Nairobi daily.

The story claims that "Trump said he would deport both Kenyan and Mexican immigrants and make the two countries meet the cost."

It goes on to quote Trump as saying that President Barack Obama, whose father was Kenyan and who recently visited the country, would be among the deportees: 

“I promise Americans that I will make the Kenyan government pay for the deportation of every descendant of every Kenyan who today resides in the United States, regardless of how they came to be here."

A day after being published, the story is still on the front page of The Star's website, and had been tweeted to some 306,000 followers of the newspaper's official account.

The Star initially identified the source simply as Newslo, later adding that it is a "satirical website."

But the story remains posted like any other news item, and many readers have appeared to take it as real.

"The fumes from the glue that holds the bleached dead squirrel to these chaps head to compensate for hair loss is getting to him," said one comment.

Others noted that Kenya would benefit from a return of talented expatriates: "Indeed we Kenyans are concerned with the brain drain as a result of luring the most learned and intelligent Kenyans to America."

But some readers cottoned on to the fact that it was hooey: "I hope people here realize that this story is a hoax. That website is for humour only."