Happy Canada Day, Eh

Studio 360

No but for serious. It is Canada Day.

This humble, halfway-arctic landmass has done our country a service that defies all mid-bar expectations we mighthave fora nation that looks like America's hat: each and every day, with great persistence and selflessness, Canada lends its territory to the cause of keeping Sarah Palin in the time-out corner of North America.

Canada. Second only in its landmassto Russia, which Sarah can (still) see from her house, where she has five minutes left before she can come back and play.

Canada. With spelling-bee-throwdown province names like Nunavut and Saskatchewan, with Buzzfeed-worthy bodies of water such as the Labrador Sea and Reindeer Lake, with a provincial capital that someone clearly stole from Jersey (not cool, bro -- give usback New Brunswick), and a signature form of bacon that bestows honor upon its countrymen each time it graces a breakfast sandwich.

Canada. A land of equal opportunity, where vogue-ing poodles are hailed as fellow patriots and worthy bearers of the national flag.

And you know who else is excited? This guy's excited.

Because even before Studio 360 producer and Sideshowhost Sean Rameswaram was #lakshmeme-ing for Lakshmi, he was Canadian-ing in Canada.

If the catalog of greatness above moves you not, yours is a heart of cold, American stone. You need to A) get your life together and let New Brunswick go, dude, and B) check out these five amaze Canadz we've had on our show.


Afie Jurvanen of Bahamas

You'd think he would name himself "Canadas." NOPE.

Bahamas came to play live at Studio 360in 2012. Here's the takeaway: Canadians are mischievous by nature, enjoy fake palm trees, and are fond of referring to themselves in the plural when there's just one of them.


Seth Rogen in  em Neighbors /em

Yes, friends. This American Icon of the Man-Child calls Canada home.

Whoa whoa whoa.Before you get all:

Just know. Seth thinks this about America:

Hear Sethout (in our 2014 interview).


Studio 360 Redesigns Canada

We spent a month raking through Canadian clichsand discovered a pretty sweet beer mugunderneath that pile of pointy red leaves. Then Kurt waged an epic North American trivia battlewith NPR's Ask Me Another quizmistress (and Calgary native) Ophira Eisenberg.



Kurt knows a good fact when he sees one, so he sought more of Atwood's Ottawan wisdom in a 2004 interview.


She's performed with Tony Bennett and Elton John, and she's won a bunch of Grammy awards. That's impressive, even by Canadians standards. Listen to her talk with Kurtabout her roots in rural Alberta.


 Austin Tufts, Raphaelle Standell-Preston, Taylor Smith

This three-person band has thrown Canadian caution to the wind -- unlike "Bahamas" (see Item One), these youngsters defy the traditional practice of referring to themselves plurally while in a state of singleness. Their use of the plural while plural has caused quite a stir back home in Calgary (or so we assume). Listen to them play liveat Studio 360.