"Saved by the Bell" Meets Feminist Theorist Bell Hooks

Studio 360

The work of leftist cultural critic and author bell hooks (styled in all lowercase letters) is basically required reading for the budding feminist. The TV seriesSaved by the Bellwas basically required viewing for tweens and teens in the early '90s. So it's not farfetched to think that feminists of a certain age are likely to be fans of both hooks and SBTB. And in the age of the mashup, there is, naturally, a blog that speaks directly to that demographic.

Saved by the bell hooksis a Tumblr created by artist Liz Laribeethat takes passages and quotes from hooks' books and interviews and combines them with images of the Bayside Sixin all their stonewashed denim glory. An anxious looking Zack, hair perfectly gelled, contemplates the complexities of oppression. Kelly, Jessie, and Lisa energetically espouse the need to change the public perception of feminism while hanging out at The Max. (This one seems to be from the very special episode "Jessie's Song.")

The blog works on two levels: it's a clever mashup of highbrow and lowbrow, but it also does what hooks strives to do as an activist and writer --- make cerebral, uncomfortable topics approachable, to inform the masses. Because how scary can leftist political thought be if Zack Morris can get down with it? It really is all right.

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