Music Videos from the 90s are So Totally Lost on Millenials

Studio 360

Boy bands, frosted-tips, Lollapalooza ---- the 90s are so close, and yet so far away. But for today's teens, the Clinton era is a mystery. EnterBuzzfeed.Earlier this month, Buzzfeed staffers resolved to demystify the 90s by showing eight millenials a string of music videos of the decade's big hits. Clip by clip, they educate this group ofbereft teens;and yes, Britney did it again. Wielding her fluffy pen, she shows these kids the (neon) light. But they don't go gently."Whoever edited this, must have just been like, my life is over at this point," one muses. "It's like a dirtyHigh School Musical," another solemnly notes. As if!

The teens examine the videos like primitive texts, squinting and furrowing their brows. But in the end, something is lost in translation.Of course, "The Thong Song" and "Oops ... I did it again" are laughably straight-faced ---- and largely absurd. But who can resist a rousing chorus of Eiffel 65's "I'm Blue"? The piano riff gets us every time. Maybe generation iPhone, spoiled by HD, doesn't like the pixelation? Hard to say. When in doubt, blame it on their age.They are surly teens, after all. "Did people think this was normal?" one of them asks, la Kelly Taylor, ofBeverly Hills 90210 fame. Ah, the arrogance of youth.

As a bonus, we've assembled three classic 90s videos that today's kids won't get ---- lest we forget the 90s ourselves.

1. Salt n Pepa "Whatta Man"

Whatta video.

2. REM "Everybody Hurts"

Best breakup song ever.

3. Snoop Dogg "Gin and Juice"

Before there was a lion...