What Do You Hate Most About Mondays?

Studio 360

Studio 360 and IDEOasked you what awful place, experience, or thingwe could #bringjoyto. And it's pretty clear --- commuting sucks.

Please #bringjoy to traffic. Less horn honking makes everyone more joyful.
--- @katieclark

There are so many people in the mornings (mostly), that normally 3 trains go by before it's possible to get on one. Then once inside the subway car there is no room to move. By the time people arrive at work they've been pushed, shoved and pummeled...not a pleasant way to start any day.
--- New Yorker from NYC

Pretty much every elevator I've ever been in. Whether it's sterile and hushed in a high class office building or dingy and rickety in a low-rent apartment building, an elevator ride is always boring at best and depressing at worst. (I mean, does anything say "joyless" more than trip up to work on a Monday morning...?)
--- Dorothy from Alexandria, VA

Of course, the most painful of all commutes is Monday morning. And that's got us thinking -- what else about Mondays could we bring joy to?

We want to hear from you: call usat 646-580-0360 and leave us a messagetelling us what you dread most about Mondays. (You might just hear your gripe on air next week!)