Say hello to’s new executive editor, David Beard

David Beard's first executive editor, David Beard.

Little more than a year ago, we re-launched as the home for global news, issues and cultural coverage from PRI’s The World and fellow PRI shows and partners. We’ve grown like wildfire and we expect our new executive editor, David Beard, to continue fanning the flames.

David has been digital content director for The Washington Post, where he brought new audience and coverage to the Post’s site through newsletters, blogs, videos and graphic storytelling projects. That work included specialized coverage such as She The People, The Optimist e-newsletter and the LGBT/straight advice column Civilities.

David believes in partnership — with you, as the fans of our site, and with top-notch news organizations. In his work, he has forged partnerships with places like National Geographic, Roll Call, Smithsonian, The New York Times, The Atlantic and with us at Feel free to share your ideas for in the comment thread below.

David began in the trenches of news as a foreign correspondent in Latin America and as an international editor for AP and the Boston Globe. He then jumped into multimedia storytelling and inventing new ways to engage people on the web, first as editor of and later as deputy editor-in-chief of National Journal and at the Washington Post.

You can expect to see changes here as David joins us in December. One of his top priorities is to make a place where you not only hear about and discuss global ideas and issues, but where you can engage in our coverage and find paths to connect with others and take actions that improve your life and the world.

We are excited to welcome David to the growing team at and PRI’s The World. Say hi to David and tell us what you want from us as we grow.