Doodle Dare: The Struggle Is Real

Studio 360

In October, we challenged you to The Great Studio 360 Doodle Dare. Alison Bechdel --- graphic novelist and newly-minted MacArthur "genius" --- started a drawing and your task is to finish it. She'll be back on the show to name a winner. And we've been getting some fantastic entries.

The deadline to submit your work is November 10 at 11:59pm ET.

Several artists have interpreted Bechdel's figureas a girl in distress, fighting against inner demons. From strivingto access creativity, to warding off fears of success, the landscape she fights is not topographical but emotional. Here are some of our favorite entries on that theme:

Teresa --- Baltimore, Maryland
I saw the look on the woman's face and the idea came to mind almost immediately. I started with "self-actualization," but "life lessons" scanned better (and fit better on the sign).

Jerry --- New York, New York
"Reaching for that great creative idea."

Harry Bliss --- Vermont
"Here's a common fear I'd spoken to Alison about ---the anxiety that comes with success."
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