Doodle Dare: Superheroes Among Us

Studio 360

Last week, we challenged you to The Great Studio 360 Doodle Dare. Alison Bechdel --- graphic novelist and newly-minted MacArthur "genius" --- started a drawing and your task is to finish it. She'll be back on the show to name a winner.

The deadline to submit your work is November 10 at 11:59pm ET.

While Alison's image suggested a girl in distress, several artists turned her into a superhero, vanquishing an array of enemies: from an abuser's hand to self-doubt. Here are some of our favorites, with notes from the artists themselves:

Cecile --- from Princeton, New Jersey
"I was listening to NPR while starting this doodle dare, and I heard the horrifying story of 3-year-old Jeida, beaten to death in her home. The fear and weariness on the face of Alison Bechdel's character inspired this scene of domestic violence, in which a little girl is protected by her heroic mom."
Laura --- Pittsfield, New Hampshire
"I only used a Sharpie marker, and kept it very simple on purpose. The main focus is meant to be the message: The value of inner strength, and also the importance of not becoming preoccupied with seeking the approval of others. "Wendy" decides she doesn't need to impress, and we can assume she stops trying to please others and instead opts to tap into her own inner strength and look within for confirmation of who she is as a woman. Hear her roar!"
Greg --- Kernersville, North Carolina
"This is an image of a young girl trained to wrestle dragons."
Dane Brown--- Georgia
"Rookie Superhero Woes: Learning To Fly"
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