Music heard on the air for October 1, 2014

The World

The tunes played between segments on The World for October 1, 2014 include:

    SONG:Drinking Song
    ARTIST: Shanren
    CD TITLE: Left Foot Dance of the Yi
    CD LABEL: Riverboat Records

    SONG: Cicada
    ARTIST: Captain Planet
    CD TITLE: Esperanto Slang
    CD LABEL: Bastard Jazz


    SONG: A Great Day
    ARTIST: Brooklyn Shanti
    CD TITLE: Bedstuyle
    CD LABEL: Someplace Called Brooklyn


    SONG: Kipenda Roho
    ARTIST: Remmy Ongala & Orchestre Super Matimila
    CD TITLE: Real World 25
    CD LABEL: Real World


    SONG: Blues Negres
    ARTIST: Cleoma Falcon
    CD TITLE:  Hot Women: Women Singers from the Torrid Regions, compiled by R. Crumb
    CD LABEL: Kein & Aber Records