Music heard on the air for September 19, 2014

The World

These are the tunes played between segments on The World for Friday, September 19, 2014:

    SONG: Five of Swords
    ARTIST: Grand Fatilla
    CD TITLE: Global Shuffle
    CD LABEL: Grand Fatilla Records

    SONG: Cumbia Crucis
    ARTIST: La Internacional Sonora Balkanera
    CD TITLE: Balkanazo Tropical
    CD LABEL: Bruno Bartra y Zabad Castro


    SONG: Sailor's Love
    ARTIST: DJ Tudo
    CD TITLE: Pancada Motor - Manifesto da Festa
    CD LABEL: Far Out Recordings


    SONG: In the Gray (Instrumental)
    ARTIST: Captain Planet
    CD TITLE: Esperanto Slang
    CD LABEL: Bastard Jazz


    SONG: The Old Sod
    ARTIST: Spirit Of The West
    CD TITLE: Save This House
    CD LABEL: WM Canada