Music heard on the air for September 12, 2014

The World

The songs played between segments on The World for September 12, 2014 include:

    SONG: Dance With Me (Al Kent Version)
    ARTIST: Odessey One
    CD TITLE: Tropical Disco Hustle
    CD LABEL: Cultures of Soul

    SONG: Toubaka
    ARTIST: Benyoro
    CD TITLE: Benyoro
    CD LABEL: Benyoro Music


    SONG: Chant of Ages
    ARTIST: Zebrina
    CD TITLE: Hamidbar Medaber
    CD LABEL: Tzadik Records


And we ended the show Friday with a selection of songs that are sure to be played at Globesonic on the Hudson.

    SONG: Rios, Pontes E Overdrives (David Byrne Remix)
    ARTIST: Chico Science & Nação Zumbi
    CD TITLE: Csnz (Noite)
    Selected by Globesonic DJ Acidophilus (aka Bill Bragin)


    SONG: Bang! Bang!
    ARTIST: Shazalakazoo
    CD TITLE: Karton City Boom
    Selected by Globesonic DJ Derek Beres


SONG: Shake The Night
ARTIST: Imperial Highness
CD TITLE: unreleased
Selected by Globesonic DJ Fabian Alsultany