Music heard on the air for July 18, 2014

The World
The World

The music played between segments on The World for Friday, July 18, 2014 include:

    SONG: You Can't Tell
    ARTIST: Warren Cuccurullo & Ustad Sultan Khan
    CD TITLE: The Master
    CD LABEL: Six Degrees Records

    SONG: Free Walk
    ARTIST: Melt Yourself Down
    CD TITLE: Melt Yourself Down
    CD LABEL: Leaf

    SONG: Drone Silences
    ARTIST: Filastine
    CD TITLE: Aphasia    
    CD LABEL: Post World Industries

    SONG: Sazon
    ARTIST: Pasatono Orquesta
    CD TITLE: Maroma
    CD LABEL: Corason

And we closed the program with a John Philip Sousa march, sometimes referred to as the theme song for Monty Python's Flying Circus. We played it because of host Carol Hill's interview with John Cleese.  

    SONG: The Liberty Bell
    ARTIST: The President's Own United States Marine Band
    CD TITLE: John Philip Sousa's Greatest Hits
    CD LABEL: American Patriotic Classics

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