This Tampon Ad is Funny. Period.

Studio 360

Commercials for feminine hygiene products seem to always feature the same three things: an outdoor physical activity, white bathing suits, and that mysterious blue liquid. What on earth do horseback riding and surprise parties have to do with getting your period?

If this new video fromHelloFlo --- promoting its Period Starter Kit --- is any indication, tampon commercials are poised to go from totally lame to totally awesome. (Watch the video below.)

It's the classic tale of a girl who is last among her friends to get her period. Eager to get into the club, the girl decides to fake it by covering a maxi pad with glittery red nail polish. Her mother calls her bluff in about the most humiliating way imaginable: she throws her daughter an epic first moon party. We're talking a flowing red chocolate fountain and Dad popping out of a cake in a red spandex unitard. ("Do you know how hard it is to find a uterus piata?" Mom quips.)

This is not your mother's tampon commercial. Heck, it's not even mine. The only physical activities in this spot are Pin the Pad on the Period and Grandpa bobbing for ovaries.

It took long enough, but feminine care products have officially gone from marketing that's mockable to marketing that mocks. As the older gentleman at the end of this video wisely says, "sometimes you just have to wait."