Check out this street performer in Strasbourg. He is a medieval bard with an insane vocal range


Put on some high-quality headphones and get ready to be amazed.

What you about to see and hear is the Bard of Strasbourg serenading tourists outside the Strasbourg Cathedral.

There's no auto-tune, no editing. Just a time-traveling medieval wanderer with an absurd vocal range hitting notes that only angels can sing. (And Mariah Carey.) Behold:

The bard's name is Luc Arbogast, and he's worked as a busker since 1996, performing medieval music dressed in medieval duds in medieval spots around Strasbourg. He's basically Game of Thrones come to life. 

Since he's doing the whole medieval-wandering-singer thing, his natural habitat is a cobblestoned square in the shadows of Gothic architecture. But he's recently branched out, wandering onto France's version of "The Voice" in 2013, where he kept it very real and very medieval.

He was eliminated early in the show, but got a record deal out of it, which allowed him to record slick, Lord of the Rings-looking music videos like this one:

Seems unlikely that the studio will pull him away from the cathedrals forever, though.