We asked and you answered: Your World Cup playlist

The World

Jorge Ben Jor

Foto: Natalia Bezerra/FlickreviewR

We asked you to submit your favorite soccer-themed songs, and you delivered. The playlist below includes Jorge Benjor, Marcos Valle and, of course, Chumbawumba.

We're going to play some of these songs on PRI's The World over the next few weeks.

Thanks to Marcelo de Melo, Henrik Persson, Ben Kavanaugh, James Harlan, Ryan E. Poppe, and Andy Kirkendall for your suggestions on Facebook; Matt Heaton, Ameesh Kapoor and Emerson Leandro for chiming in on Twitter; and Morgan Andrews, Shawn Curry and Brian Taylor for leaving your comments on pri.org.

Have your own favorite song to contribute? Leave your suggestion in the comments below and we'll add it!