We Just Hacked Michael Bay's New TV Show

Studio 360

Michael Bay isn't known for his speeches, his temperament, or his subtlety. The director's name is instantly associated with the over-the-top blockbusters he's been making since the mid 1990s, from Armageddon to the Transformers series.

The most surprising thing Bay could do at this point is make a foreign language film about geriatric beekeepers. Or so we thought until Studio 360 received this item in the mail late last week:

Michael Bay's latest TV series, The Last Ship, is a boat drama (after all, "TNT knows drama") promising unflappable military types, unflappable cleavage, explosions, and snowmobiles. As networks often do for new shows, TNT sent a DVD featuring the first few episodes for review. Also in the package was this small LCD screen that plays a trailer for the show. It even has controls so you can toggle volume and pause the video, in case you cannot bring yourself to watch the entire trailer in one sitting.

I'm not trying to beat up on Michael Bay. After all, he made The Rock. And we've longlaughed about the crazy promotional swag we've been sent by studios, labels, and publishers. But this little item sets a new bar in wastefulness. Sending out hundreds --- maybe thousands --- of useless, landfill-bound techin an age when people can just watch a trailer online is indefensible.

Michael Bay must be stopped! And thanks to the USB port in this senseless device, Studio 360's John DeLore has taken the lead by hacking The Last Ship's promotional screen so that it can be repurposed for more pleasurable viewing. Can't wait for Michael Bay to tackle Madea.

Studio 360 has longlaughed about the crazy promotional swag we've been sent by studios, labels, and publishers, but we've never seen anything as environmentally damaging as this particular item.