Music heard on the air for February 17, 2014

The World
The World

The music played between segments on The World for Monday, February 17, 2014 includes:

SONG: 7th Street Groove
ARTIST: Empresarios
CD TITLE: El Sonido Mágico
CD LABEL: Fort Knox

SONG: Don Quixote
ARTIST: Uri Sharlin and the Dogcat Ensemble
CD TITLE: Back to the Woods

SONG: Radio Capital (unreleased instrumental)
ARTIST: La Vida Boheme
CD TITLE: Nuestra
CD LABEL: Nacional Records

SONG: Sachidao
ARTIST: Avi Avital
CD TITLE: Between Worlds
CD LABEL: Deutsche Grammophon

SONG: Baklava Revanche
ARTIST: Fanfara Tirana meets Transglobal Underground
CD TITLE: Kabatronics
CD LABEL: World Village Music

SONG: Happy New Year
ARTIST: Shanren
CD TITLE: Left Foot Dance of the Yi and other Chinese folk-rock anthems
CD LABEL: Riverboat Records/World Music Network