Music heard on air for January 6, 2014

The World
The World

Tunes played between segments on The World for Monday, January 6, 2014 include:

SONG: Lightning
ARTIST: Mirageman
CD TITLE: Thunder and Lighting
CD LABEL: Irma Records

SONG: Vinheta Noite
ARTIST: Badi Assad
CD TITLE: Between Love and Luck
CD LABEL: QuatroVentos

SONG: Tounkan Remix
ARTIST: Captain Planet
CD TITLE: Sembeh Ma Fe Fe - Roots Volume
CD LABEL: Stronghold Sound Presents

SONG: Desert Sky
ARTIST: Dave Sharp's Secret 7
CD TITLE: Worlds
CD LABEL: Vortex Jazz Recording

SONG: Lightswitch
ARTIST: KiT (Kuenta I Tambú)
CD TITLE: Tambutronic
CD LABEL: Jiga Musica