Ohio voters worry about global trade

The World

This tiny town in Ohio was built by coal, steel and manufacturing but recently people here have complained they’re the victims of global trade. so when Hillary Clinton showed up, voters wanted to hear what she would do about that. This local woman says people here are hurting, jobs are leaving and companies are going bankrupt and people are losing their home. The middle man is getting squeezed around here, says this worker. He’s happy that Clinton wants to renegotiate NAFTA. He says the other big issue on his mind is the War in Iraq and he likes what Clinton has to say about that and he supports a phased draw down. When Senator Clinton took the stage she tied the war to Ohio’s ailing economy. Both Clinton and Obama have been telling Ohio voters that they feel their pain. Obama has been trying to pin NAFTA on President Bill Clinton but there actually isn’t much difference between the two candidates on global trade. this economist says there are two sides to free trade agreements like NAFTA.

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