Lebanon’s recent war sites draw visitors

The World

On this plateau overlooking south Lebanon is a notorious prison, known as the spot where Israel and its proxies are believed to have held and tortured suspected Hezbollah fighters and supporters. Israel occupied Lebanon from 1982 until 2000. this man and former prisoner here is now the caretaker. He says he was kept in solitary confinement. It’s things like this that tourists come to see, it’s a popular spot for tourists. For this man, it’s his family’s second trip here since 2000, and he believes it shows the resistance the country is capable of. The caretaker says he stays on here so the world will know what went on during the country’s recent dark periods. High above the prison is a spot which had many dark days: a castle which was used by Crusaders in the 12th century and then later used by militants to fire rockets into Israel in the 1970s and 80s. the Israelis used it too during their occupation of southern Lebanon. This tourist applauds Hezbollah for forcing Israel to withdraw, an achievement which no Lebanese army was ever able to carry out. At various points throughout the south of the country, Hezbollah has erected billboards glorifying the resistance. Some of the billboards taunt Israel as well. A relatively new tourist spot is this southern Lebanese town which was nearly flattened during the 2006 war with Israel. People drive down to see the rubble, and this resident says Lebanese see the town as a symbol of resistance and resilience.

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