Iranian voters worry about economy

The World

Shoppers here in this poorer market are trying to stock up on holiday essentials for the Persian New Year, especially the renowned Iranian pasticcios. This woman sells the price is about 30% higher than last year. The woman says she supports right-wing candidates but she’s not going to vote because none of the candidates are going to help. This economist says oil revenues don’t even go to the main section of the economy, such as industry and agriculture. He supports more liberal reformers Iran but the failure of the current government’s economic policies is something most everyone agrees on. Populist handouts have left Iran with little to show; inflation is high, so is unemployment. Even allies of the President have sought to distance themselves from him in the run up to the election. Supporters of the President use politics to support him more than economic reasons, they like how the President has stood up to America and Europe. This man says he knows where the oil money is going, it’s funding America’s enemies around the region. He also said he’s not voting in the parliamentary election. Not everyone was so comfortable talking, most people just tried to move on.

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