Gaza ceasefire unraveling

The World

The U.N. senior official in Gaza says the U.N. warehouses in Gaza are empty and tomorrow when 20 million Palestinians turn up to receive their rations, they’ll be sent home empty handed and they don’t have other means of survival. He says the U.N. usually maintains a two month supply of food in its warehouses in Gaza, but since Hamas took over the strip a year and a half ago, Israel has sharply restricted how much aid can come in. this aid worker says Israel has recently increased restriction on the U.N. Israeli officials say the U.N. should be blaming Hamas which controls Gaza. Five months of a fragile ceasefire seem to be unraveling, as at least 13 rockets were fired into southern Israel today. Israeli planes fired at Hamas gunmen, wounding at least two of them. This Israeli spokesman says Israel does not want a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. An Israeli Defense Ministry spokesman said Israel had planned to open the border crossings yesterday but he said Israeli intelligence had information of a planned attack on one of the crossings so it stayed close. Gaza’s main power plant has also run out of fuel and Palestinians say there were rolling blackouts and some bakeries in Gaza have also closed. Some Israelis are calling for harsher measures to stop the rocket fire. one intelligence official said he believes both Hamas and Israel are interested in maintaining a ceasefire. But if rocket fire on Israel continues, many Israelis will call for a large military incursion into Gaza.

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